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From cycling to motor sports, a huge number of pro teams rely on GONANO products to keep their equipment in peak condition at all times. By using their feedback to refine our designs, we make sure our products don’t let you down.


A professional continental road cycling team making a wild card entry into the World Tour. The Italy­based team competes with various licences at international level, and has won multiple races.



PPR Team co­founder and Team Principal Gianfranco Mione started out doing triathlons in 1989 and was a pro until 2006. He notched up over 300 races in his career race, winning at national and international levels, and was part of the Italian national team at the Sydney Olympic Games.



Magneti Marelli Checkstar Rally Team took motocross living legend Tony Cairoli to the 4­ wheel off­road discipline for first time ever. Its WRC­spec Citroën DS3 was one of the winners of the international Monza Rally Show annual competition.

"The performance
of GONANO products
continue to leave us breathless!"- Tony Cairoli, RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING
"I used Gonano products during the Dakar, they are really cool! I think, in any sport, they change the way to go on a bike and improving it" - Luca Manca, MOTORALLY & ENDURO RIDER
performance lube//

reduced friction:
longer wheelspin

Applying exactly the same amount of force on the wheel, we used a chronometer to measure the spin time on a bicycle hub with and without GONANO Lube. Before applying the product the hub span for 1:50”, while after application it leapt to 2:20” - that’s up to +50% longer spin time.

less noise:
smoother chain spin

Using a phonometer, we measured the noise made by a bike’s chain around its rear gear box - with and without GONANO Lube. In the first case noise was measured at 49db and in the second case it was at 61db. With our product applied, noise was reduced by more than 20%.

protection tx // fabric

less water absorption:
less weight to carry

To test GONANO tx//fabric treatment, we made two cyclists ride in the rain for an hour ­ one with a treated jersey, one with a regular jersey. After this, we weighed both jerseys and discovered that due to water absorption, the treated one was an amazing 80% lighter.

less water absorption =
dryer feet

When we conducted the same test for running shoes, and poured 1.5L of water on each shoe we found that the difference for the untreated shoes was also phenomenal - they were up to 50% heavier.

less water absorption=
improved comfort

We also decided to conduct the same test on a pair of running pants, here the results were even more impressive. The treated product was incredibly 90% lighter.

protection tx // GLASS

less water adherence:

We tested GONANO tx//glass using an air compressor to simulate air hitting a windscreen at 60km/h. On the untreated windscreen, water droplets would split apart and adhere to the glass, but this didn’t happen when the screen was treated with Nanotech tx//glass - the drops beaded together and slid effortlessly off the glass.

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