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Discover how nano technology can help you perform to your full potential doing what you love Best.

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nanotechnology is trusted to keep equipment as sensitive as in the aerospace industry, always in perfect working order. We’ve harnessed that technology for our GONANO products.

so how does it work?

All GONANO products follow one basic principle - they use nanoparticles to seal the micropores on the surfaces of your equipment. This offers several effects; as well as making your gear smoother than ever before, GONANO products can also make equipment hydrophobic, oleophobic, non-stick, UV-resistant, or just more durable. In addition, by reducing friction they can improve the sliding of mechanical parts - and hence performance.

how can I benefit from it?

We know how important your equipment is to you - and with GONANO, you can keep it clean, waterproof, and running smoothly. Our products can be applied to any surface material - from plastic to leather, glass to metal - so you can protect whatever you need to! Check out our tests to discover more about their beneficial capabilities.

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who's behind the product?

From cycling to motor sports, a huge number of pro teams rely on GONANO products to keep their equipment in peak condition at all times. By providing us continuous feedback, they act as our personal testing lab, allowing us to improve our products constantly so that you can trust them to keep your gear in perfect shape. Check out our Pro Department.

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All our products are thoroughly tested by the best in the business to make sure we deliver to you the ultimate product. Our testers, which include Pro athletes and teams spend hundreds of hours testing our products and by using their feedback to refine our designs, we make sure our products never let you down.

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high performance solutions to take care of the things you love the most

We know how much you love your equipment because we’re just as passionate as you are!
So don’t settle for second-rate products - give your gear the treatment it deserves with our high performance solutions. Welcome to the GONANO line-up!

go clean

go clean

Keeping your equipment clean also keeps it functional - that means more playtime and less downtime.

much cleaner, much longer

GONANO products use nano particles to keep dirt and grit off the surfaces of your equipment, making sure that they stay smoother for longer.

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go fast

go fast

Making sure your gear runs smoothly means that you never need to look back - just keep going forward.

Less friction, more speed

Our lubes keep all moving parts in perfect working order by using nanoparticles to fill imperfections, reducing friction and resistance to an unprecedented extent!

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go dry

go dry

With GONANO, bad weather is no reason to stop doing what you love - our products will make sure that rain, snow and mud just slide away.

there is no such thing as bad weather

Our protection products keep all your garments nice and dry, the nanoparticles create a smooth layer on glass and plastic allowing water to slide away easily. On fabrics, they wrap directly around the threads, making them waterproof while leaving breathability untouched.

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Professionals and enthusiasts alike rely on our products to achieve their best possible results. We value their support hugely, but what’s truly indispensable is the continuous feedback they provide, as it allows us to update and improve our products constantly.

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